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Thoughts and Inspiration to Share

Choosing Compassion and Kindness

Life can make some of us feel and act hateful and mean. Hatefulness and meanness come from the judgements the mind calculates and are a way of control and keeping pain at bay.  However they actually do the opposite by creating more pain and chaos! Choosing to be mean...

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Forgiven, But Not Forgotten

I have been pondering this issue for some time now. I know how important it is to forgive because of the suffering resentment causes to myself and others.

Resentments rob me of my peace of mind and take away quality of life. Emotions like rage, hatred, regrets and guilt can make us sick emotionally. Forgiveness releases us from being sick, emotionally. Forgiveness is as important to us personally as it is to the other person…

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Suspending Judgement

We just don’t know everything that is going on inside and outside of a person to make them act or say the things they do. Often, we don’t have it figured out for ourselves either.
An emotional life is so big, with so many influences…

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