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Absolutely Beautiful Permanent Makeup by Cathy Waechter

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What Is Permanent Makeup?

If you’re looking for makeup that will never smear, stain, or bleed again, you’re looking for Permanent Makeup! Permanent Makeup can be applied to create beautiful eyebrows, lash enhancing eye liner, full lip color, and  lip liner.

Permanent Makeup can be used to camouflage scars and create beautifully symmetric facial features. It can hide a receding hairline, restore areolas, or add a beauty mark!

The procedure itself involves placing natural pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. This insertion of color is called tattooing. The end result is soft and natural or dramatic and stunning!

Absolutely Beautiful

Cathy Waechter has been helping people look their best since 1975. She is located inside Javiers in Riverside CA.

3853 Jurupa Ave
Riverside, CA 92506
(951) 529-8586

If you are considering Permanent Makeup, please call and schedule a complimentary consultation with Cathy.

Cathy Waechter | Absolutely Beautiful Permanent | Riverside CA Makeup

Who Benefits From Permanent Makeup?
…Men and Women!

You may be surprised, but many people can benefit from permanent makeup, including both women and men. Permanent makeup is for:

  • Women who want to wake up with makeup!
  • Women who desire natural or dramatic makeup that won’t smear, run, or stain during the day or night.
  • Athletes or physically active women who always want to look their best.
  • Women who are allergic to conventional makeup.
  • Women who are visually or physically challenged with makeup application.
  • Men and women who have invisible hair or who cannot regrow hair due to burns, scars or over tweezing.
  • Men or women who desire symmetry or definition with facial features like lip borders, eyebrows or hair lines.
  • Men who have hair transplant scars.
  • Women who have had breast reduction or reconstructive surgery.

Read What Some of My Clients Have to Say…

Had such a great experience with Cathy! Got my eyeliner done and eyebrows done by her. She was very comforting and is very knowledgeable about permanent makeup. I love the work she did on me! Very good pricing too, can’t beat that!

Brittney M.

Cathy is fantastic!  She has a fun outgoing personality that puts you at ease and thank goodness, she is very patient.  I made her redraw my eyebrows 12 times before we decided on the best shape to fit my face.  I was very concerned about the symmetry because Cathy had very little to go on due to the fact that most of my eyebrows had fallen out as a result of a thyroid disorder.  Cathy was very conservative on the initial visit, then she adjusted them accordingly at the 3-week touch up.  Needless to say, I am very happy with the end result and I will continue to go to Cathy for touch ups.

Necia C.

I was always hesitant about permanent eyebrows and friends actually referred places. I found Absolutely Beautiful Permanent Makeup on my own & I felt comfortable with her price, reviews, before and after pics & her very clean, well-organized place… so after all these years I just said do it.

I’m so glad I did.

Cathy knew exactly what I wanted & did it perfectly. People would never believe that my brows are tattooed. Which is exactly what I wanted… a natural look.

It’s been 4 months & I’m absolutely beyond in love with my brows & putting on everyday makeup only takes me a few minutes now, when that’s how long it took to draw them in.

I can go swimming, wipe my face & still have brows. I would totally recommend her, she’s the sweetest lady and she really knows what she’s doing.

Definitely thinking of doing my eyeliner next 🙂

Natasha H.