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My Goal is to Educate, Empower and
Create the Beauty You Envision

About Cathy

My Goal is to Educate, Empower and Create the Beauty You Envision.

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Cathy Waechter


My name is Cathy Waechter.

I have professionally been helping people look their best since 1975. I was State Certified for Permanent Makeup application in 2000, and I am highly experienced in Permanent Makeup design and color theory. Every year I am re-certified in environmental safety so I can be compliant with Health Care and City ordinances and make sure you are well taken care of.

I give all of my clients excellent before and after care so they can relax knowing that I care about their Permanent Makeup success. I see each client as an individual and I am genuinely concerned about your needs and preferences.

Your initial procedure, depending on how many procedure’s we are doing, will take between 1 to 2 hours for a full face. This includes time to make decisions about shape and color, filling out your medical health history forms and numbing time. (Touch up procedures require less time.)

When you choose me to do your Permanent Makeup, you can expect:

  • A complementary consultation to answer all of your questions before your procedure. During this consultation, I will pencil in your personal look so that we can decide how you want your makeup to look.
  • A relaxing Permanent Makeup application. I use an excellent numbing gel to make your Permanent Makeup application comfortable.
  • I will review all of your after care needs with you before you leave my office so that you know what to do until your follow up visit.
  • I use per-sterilized single-use needles for each client, and pigment caps that are properly disposed of after each use. The pigments used during your permanent makeup application are safe & specifically designed for Permanent Makeup.
  • I give you my personal cell phone number so that you can reach me if you have any questions about your follow up care after you leave my office.
  • We book your next apt time before you leave.
  • Special reduced prices for maintenance over the years.

At the end of your initial application, your permanent makeup will look much darker and bolder than it will once it has healed.  A natural look will appear in about one week.  After three weeks, you return for your touch up.  I tattoo conservatively and a touch up may be needed to darken, thicken or otherwise pick up any little thing that needs to be done to complete your Permanent Makeup application.

Touch up visits will be booked no sooner than two weeks after your procedure, and it is a necessary step to complete your permanent makeup success.