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Microblading is a permanent makeup technique with handheld tool that creates thin, hair-like strokes of color. This technique is also known as hair strokes.

In contrast, soft solid brows are done with a tattoo machine that pushes the ink under the skin. As it heals the brow becomes much softer looking and the size shrinks over the next ten days. 

What to Expect

Your brows may be reddish, a little tender, and maybe even a little bit thicker looking immediately after your procedure. It takes up to 10 days after the procedure for your brows to heal soften. Be patient and trust the process.

Please note that colors will always appear darker and more dramatic immediately following your initial procedure. They do soften, shrink, and lighten during your one-week healing process.  Most clients love their results so much they want MORE not less!

Be patient.  Trust the process…

I always tattoo conservatively so that changes can easily be made during your touch-up. Your follow up (touch-up) appointment is included in your procedure pricing. Please do not skip this appointment. It’s an important part of the process!

Please be patient and call me with any concerns that you have. I care about your Permanent Makeup success.

Microblading (Hair Stroke Eyebrows)

These images were taken immediately before and after the procedure. During the healing process, the color softens and the area shrinks a bit, resulting in a beautiful, natural look.