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Color Correction

Color Correction

Sometimes a color correction for aged brows is necessary. Some artists that only do Microblading (not Solid Filled Brows) will tell a client to have laser removal on their older eyebrows in order to start fresh. However, if the shape of the eyebrow is fundamentally correct, and the client is willing to have Solid Fill eyebrows, color correction is a great alternative to starting over.

Note that if your brow was done with a Solid Fill procedure, a color correction cannot be done with Microblading.  Microblading is not usually a good option on eyebrows previously done with Solid Fill because it does not look like hair strokes when done over an eyebrow that was solid filled.

Do I need Color Correction?

There are several reasons why you may need a color correction:

1. The original artist may have used an expensive ink, but as the ink began to fade it returned to the primary colors it was made from. This is always disappointing. The artist typically spends good money on colors and products they believe to be great and will be disappointed to find out a couple of years down the road that their work faded to an undesirable color. Remember that Tattooing is an art and not a science. This can happen to the best artists.

2. It is very important for ink to be matched to your skin undertones and ethnicity. For example, someone from Asian decent has a different skin undertone than someone from Indian decent. Ink can have a  gold, red or green base and this will look different on different skin undertones. It could be that the correct ink for your ethnicity was not used.  

3. Ultra violet light from the sun or tanning beds can fade any color more rapidly, giving the ink a purple tone. Eyebrows can get a lot of sun, even through the windshield of a car. You hould use an SPF of 50 to 100 sun block over your eyebrows every time you venture outside.

I hope you found this helpful and please call me with additional questions.

Color Correction