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Our Policies

Our Policies

About Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is an art, not a science and there are limitations to predicting the results.

Your touchup appointment is an important part of your procedure, no matter what type of permanent makeup you choose. A touchup appointment is scheduled at the end of your initial visit and is 4 weeks after your initial procedure was performed.

Women or men who have dark skin may not see clear hair strokes if they choose Microblading.  Also, dark skin can get ashy with healed procedures.  All ink used on darker skin tones will be modified to reverse this outcome by warming it up.  However, ashy results can still occur, especially with microblading. This is normal. This is remedied by warming the color up again during your touchup.

Sun-damaged skin, hyper-pigmentated skin, older skin, and naturally oily skin may not do well with Microblading. But we can always try!

Complications are always possible with any Permanent Makeup procedure. Especially in the event that pre- and post-procedure care is not taken seriously.

Inconsistent color, missing color, undesirable color, and color fading can occur. This is usually remedied during the touchup appointment.

Because every person is uniquely different, it is not reasonable for your Permanent Makeup artist to predict all of the possible results that can occur, however, a touchup can remedy most concerns.

A free touchup is always offered to address any concerns with your Permanent Makeup. No refunds or credits are issued.

Late and No Show Policies

Everyone’s time is valuable. A fee may apply for rescheduling your appt if you are more than 15 minutes late, or do not show up for your initial appointment.  
Showing up late may cause me to be late for my next clients.  I want to give everyone my best attention and the time they deserve. So rescheduling may be necessary.

Cancelation policy

I understand that unforeseen occurrences take place that could cause you to cancel your appointment. I require as much time as possible to adjust my client scheduling. A 48 hour-notice is kindly requested. Last-minute cancelations will be considered a no-show and a fee may apply for rescheduling.

Doctor’s Clearance

Tattooing is invasive and a doctor’s clearance is necessary for patients undergoing chemotherapy, patients with Micro Valve Prolapse, and some other heart conditions. Also for knee and hip replacements of any kind, a doctor may want you to take an antibiotic to prevent infection.  Please consult with your doctor before making your appointment.


Zelle, Venmo and cash are preferred payment methods.  Due to the rising costs in Credit Card processing, Credit Cards are accepted but discouraged.

No Refunds

I always do my best to make my clients happy and care about your personal Permanent Makeup success.
No refunds will be issued after services are rendered. Due to the nature of Permanent Makeup, the products used, and the time invested in performing the service, no refunds or credits will be issued.