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Beauty Marks

Beauty Marks

You may not realize this, but some beauty marks on celebrities may not be natural, but rather enhancements make with permanent makeup!

That’s right… you can use permanent makeup to create a beauty mark! Celebrities do this all the time.

There’s still a lot of debate over whether Marilyn Monroe’s mole just above her top lip was real or drawn, but it made the facial polka dot into an everlasting symbol of beauty. If you were not graced with one naturally, add one with permanent makeup.

Some noted celebrities with beauty marks include:

  • Gloria Swanson, a silent film star, born in 1899
  • Cary Grant, actor, born in 1904
  • Jean Patchett, fashion model, born in 1926
  • Marilyn Monroe, film star, born in 1926
  • Elizabeth Taylor, actress and humanitarian, born in 1932
  • Sophia Loren, actress and singer, born in 1934
  • Tina Louise, actress, born in 1934
  • George Hamilton, actor, born in 1939
  • Paloma Picasso, fashion designer, born in 1949
  • Madonna, singer and actress, born in 1958
  • Paula Abdul, singer and dancer, born in 1962
  • Cindy Crawford, supermodel and actress, born in 1966
  • Blake Lively, actress, born in 1987
  • Kate Upton, model and actress, born in 1992

Now, we’re not saying if these beauty marks are natural or created… we’re just saying the beauty mark exists.

Come in and talk to me if you’re interested in creating your own beauty mark.