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Life can make some of us feel and act hateful and mean. Hatefulness and meanness come from the judgements the mind calculates and are a way of control and keeping pain at bay.  However they actually do the opposite by creating more pain and chaos! Choosing to be mean and hateful to another human being or animal takes its toll on our souls. We create damage, we all suffer because whoever it touches gets hurt and may become mean and hateful. This kind of negativity can spread like a deadly disease that causes a slow and painful death.

Compassion and kindness come from the heart.  A heart-centered life heals our emotional wounds and opens the door for others to feel compassion, act kindly, and open their hearts too.

Below, I’ve taken an excerpt from the InnerBonding.com website.  I have been practicing Inner Bonding for a few years now.  Dr Margaret Paul is the brilliant therapist who created The 6 Steps to Inner Bonding, and here are a few of her words…

“Many of the people who seek my help do so because they are struggling with sadness, anxiety, depression, aloneness, loneliness, emptiness, addictions, insecurity and resistance. Underneath all this wounded pain is their intent to protect against the core pain of life that might result from rejection and other losses, such as loneliness, heartbreak, grief and helplessness over others. But in their efforts to avoid the core pain of life, they are rejecting themselves with their self-judgments and addictions. Rather than being mindful of and attending to their own feelings (Step One of Inner Bonding), they are abandoning themselves by ignoring their feelings with their self-judgments and addictions to substances and processes.

As long as they continue to protect against the deeper core pain of life that may result from rejection and other losses, they will be stuck with their anxiety, depression, emptiness, procrastination and fear.  (I say they’re feeling mean and hateful too…)

When you are willing to make Step One of Inner Bonding – being mindful of your feelings and willing to take responsibility for them – your highest priority, you will begin to move out of the pain that you are creating. Remember, you always have two choices in every given moment – to try to have control over getting love and avoiding pain, or to be open to learning about loving yourself. If you are tired of the pain you are in and want joy instead, try practicing Inner Bonding throughout the day. Start with being mindful of your feelings and being in compassion instead of judgment for yourself. Try it! Inner Bonding works!”

You can join Dr. Margaret Paul for her 30-Day at-home Course, Love Yourself: An Inner Bonding Experience to Heal Anxiety, Depression, Shame, Addictions and Relationships available on her website.