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“What is laid down, ordered, factual is never enough to embrace the whole truth:  Life always spills over the rim of every cup.”

 – Boris Pasternak

I like this quote because it brings to mind the many possibilities of any situation.  We just don’t know everything that is going on inside and outside of a person to make them act or say the things they do.   Often we don’t have it figured out for ourselves either.

An emotional life is so big, with so many influences.  Add to this the physical, spiritual and mental influences and there is a huge lake to wade through.  I wish we could all suspend judgement and just look at each other with compassion, love and respect, we are all navigating this world with what guidance system we have been given and have learned to use, it is not easy for any of us… this includes me.

May there be plenty of mercy and grace for all of us with the people we know… we need to give it and receive it.